Reiki I, 1st Degree
   Reiki II, 2nd Degree

Japanese word meaning 
“universal (Rei) life force (Ki)” 
or “universal life energy”. 

Reiki is a system of natural healing which restores balance and harmony.  Through this holistic method of gentle, sacred touch, one is able to bring beneficial effects such as stress reduction, release, deep relaxation, and feelings of peace which allows one’s body to heal itself.  Reiki works on multiple levels:  mind, body, spirit, and emotion. With Reiki, you are able to bring healing to yourself, others, and even animals and plants. 

Students will be introduced to the holistic healing approach known as Reiki. They will learn the history and lineage of Reiki and the five Reiki Principles. Each will receive a series of attunements” to open their access to Reiki and their healing abilities. They will also be trained in the various hand positions, and will be given opportunities to practice upon themselves and others.

Tree of Life / Intention Board Painting
Create a unique work of art:
A  Living Tree that changes as you change 
and grows as you grow.

What do you want to be--to do--to have?

Your subconscious communicates with images.
You will paint your own beautiful Tree of Life, put your goals and dreams into pictures, and thereby
create a goal or plan for your subconscious to manifest!

 Join me! 
Through the artistic process, you will be 
able to go deep and tap into your subconscious for 
clarity and information.

Bypass your Ego to communicate your desires 
directly to your subconscious. 
This will open your unconscious creativity and connect 
you to your inner wisdom. 

You will create a work of art that can organically change as your hopes and dreams manifest. 
Your life is not static, and neither is this living Tree of Life. When you change your path, it can shift with you. 

As you enjoy your work of art on a daily basis, 
you will be in communication with 
and will work with your unconscious to 
manifest that which you want to bring into your life.

You don't have to "be creative", know how to draw or paint, or believe you are an artist. 
(Actually, we are all creative, but that's another story...) 
There is no wrong or right way to do it.

Simple, yet powerful. 
And most importantly... FUN!

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