Counseling / DEH

How can Counseling / DEH change your life?

Anyone who wants to make a change in their life and is having difficulty with the following may benefit from Counseling / DEH:


​The "some reason" is almost always a subconscious or unconscious fear, limiting belief, or a negative voice from the past. Our unconscious actually thinks it is protecting us from danger, being hurt, or embarrassed through this belief that may, or may not, be reality. 


Self-discipline is awesome. Powering through your challenges is admirable. However, what happens when the block you are struggling with is on an unconscious level? What do you do then? It's hard to reason with your unconscious self!

If changing your attitude, getting started, and staying on track was simply a matter of saying some affirmations or deciding to act differently, wouldn’t everyone just do that? It's not that simple.

This obstacle is often something you do not believe on a conscious level, but how do you reason with your unconscious? You don't. However, you can collapse the energy that the fear or misguided belief holds, and eliminate or remove it in our Counseling / DEH sessions.


There are other ways our subconscious can get in our way on our journey. Sometimes, even before we are able to make a plan to take action, our internal blocks keep us from getting clarity on what we really want. How can you plan, if you don't know what you want?

For example: In this economic environment, it is hard to give up a job - even if you are miserable there. Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? Maybe this is you or someone you know...


Counseling/DEH can help you get clarity on what choices and actions will serve you best; we then remove the blocks that keep you from moving forward to change. As necessary, we continue to eliminate any remaining unconscious objections you have to making the change you so deeply desire.


You cannot change others, however, you CAN change yourself:


Counseling / DEH can help with anxiety, weight or body issues, procrastination, self-sabotage, grief, loss, betrayal, fears, limiting beliefs, lack of focus, phobias, breaking habits or patterns, lack of clarity and vision, the Law of Attraction, suicide survivors (those left behind), conflict resolution, quitting or changing a job, stress, spiritual healing, energy healing, and goal setting. 

...basically, any changes that you want to make 
more easily, more quickly, and cleanly. 
Together, we can move you forward!  

If any of these issues triggers a reaction in you, 
maybe it is time to look at the 
change your heart and soul want you to make!


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"You cannot escape the power of your intentions. What you can do is decide how clear and focused and positive those intentions are." 
   ~ Ralph Marston ~
"The past is over, so it has no power now. The thoughts of this moment create my future." 
   ~ Louise L. Hay ~
Venture forward - Merilou Hundley

© Copywrite 2011 - Merilou Hundley
Removing your unconscious blocks can allow you 
to discover your purpose and 
actualize your dreams. 

Move past the fears, limiting beliefs, and other obstacles that block you from achieving your goals!