Who Merilou is...

I am a Counselor / DEH Practitioner. I like to say I'm a Change Agent. Change can be exciting!

I love working with people and being able to share the moment when they realize the truth—that THEY have the power within themselves to change their lives and to create their desired reality. To reach their potential!


What Merilou does...

I am a Counselor / DEH Practitioner. My background and certifications are: Dynamic Energetic Healing® Practitioner (DEH), Professional Certified Coach, and Reiki Master. I have been trained in EFT and other Energy Psychology modalities. I have a BA in Psychology with a minor in Business. I officially began the journey of Change Agent in 2003, after years in the corporate world. Of course, most of us on this path have been doing some form of counseling, coaching, and helping people with change our whole lives!

In a nutshell, I help people get rid of blocks held on an unconscious level, to achieve the change they want to make. My client is often someone who feels they have tried everything to start, continue, or figure out what they want to do or be; and is really READY to change. Of course, someone starting out on a new adventure that wants to be brave, proactive, and move as quickly as possible is definitely at the right place!

Together, we identify the blocks, we clear the blocks, and we move forward!

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How Merilou does it...

Through Counseling / DEH, I help clients uncover their life purpose, rediscover their dreams, walk their own path, and embrace their own power. As we uncover the unconscious blocks that hold them back and eliminate them, they overcome these fears, limiting beliefs, burnout, and habits or patterns that no longer serve them. They are able to change how they act and react in each area of their lives—career, health, relationship, and spirituality. Mind, body, and spirit.


Where Merilou does it...

Loving life up in the beautiful green Northwest—whether I am painting, doing crossword puzzles, hanging with my crazy funny friends and family, or enjoying being in nature—I have found the perfect environment to do this powerful work.

I believe that life is meant to have joy and laughter. I take my work very seriously, but I also believe that the power of humor is immeasurable. If you are with me on that, you can count on our work being powerful and fun!

Everything is made up of energy, which includes you and me. Since we’re energy, it’s highly probable that we will tune in to and attract the same frequency that we resonate. 
                      ~ John Holland ~   

Counselor / DEH Practitioner 
(Dynamic Energetic Healing®)

Reiki Master
Professional Certified Coach
Venture forward - Merilou Hundley

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