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"Inner and Outer Universe"
Venture forward - Merilou Hundley

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Reiki I
Date and time: TBD

Investment:  $125
Class size limited

Reiki II
Date and time: TBD

Investment:  $175
Class size limited

Personal Growth Workshops

Once a month workshop/TBD
                         varied topics 

10:am-12:noon   Investment: $25

De-stressing from the holidays!
What if you could finish the year without
 all the usual stressful emotions?

Learn this simple, yet powerful technique that eases emotions and their hold on you. A tool you can use anytime and anywhere!

Powerful Language/Powerful YOU!
What do your words say about you,
 and how others see you?

Learn how simply changing certain
 words and phrases can change
 how you feel about yourself.

Letting Go of Expectations
The power of detachment, 
is it the secret to happiness? 

Learn ways to become aware of when you are setting yourself up for disappointment and how to create new habits to avoid it.

Creativity & Manifestation

"Creating YOUR Tree of Life"
Vision Art, 2-day Workshop

Create a unique and personal piece of art and declare and manifest your dream or intention. This is a powerful combination of painting (no artistic skills or painting experience necessary!) and Vision or Intention Board techniques. What makes this Vision Art unique is your creation will not stay static, it will change with you as you grow and your dreams change. Tap into your creative side and your intuitive power of manifestation to begin creating what you want out of life!

Date & Location: TBD
​More details coming soon!

Making Big Life Changes 

"Atomic Change!" 
12-Week Intensive Program
A unique combination of group meetings, one-on-one DEH/Counseling Sessions, phone & email coaching, and more.

Feeling Stuck?
    Want your life to change?
        Don't know what it is you want?
            Can't or don't know where to start?

Then this workshop is for you!

Coming in 2017!

Check back for details!

"Welcome Back to You" 

Self-Love Focus
 Coaching & Energy Healing Package

The key to happiness is not:

The only "when" that counts is:

When you love yourself, 
all the rest comes together!

4-Session Package - over 30% off!
(Regular price $580 - only $398)

New Clients
Introductory Special: 

(2) Energy Counseling Sessions 40% off!
(Regularly 2-sessions $290- only $174)